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Healthcare Professionals


Person who specialises in hearing problems, tests for hearing loss and the treatment thereof.



Paediatrician specialised in high-risk, premature and ill newborns. She will supervise the medical care of your baby.


Neonatal nurse

Registered nurse who is specially trained or experienced to provide nursing care to high-risk, premature and ill newborns. She performs and coordinates the many tasks necessary to care for your baby.

Occupational therapist

Specially qualified person in the promotion of development and treating of developmental problems.


Specially qualified person in assessing movement and muscle problems in babies. They are sometimes also involved in treatment of respiratory problems.

Speech-language therapist

Qualified person trained in speech and language development and problems. If this person is also a qualified feeding therapist, she will play an important role in assisting your baby with feeding problems, such as sucking and swallowing difficulties.

Social Worker

Qualified person who can help you with non-medical issues. She can assist you by providing counselling, emotional support, information on community resources and where the need arises, financial information


Specialised doctor in child health care.