SANITSA AIMS to establish and promote a link between the developmentally at risk and / or ill neonate, infant and toddler (NIT) and their families / caregivers with early intervention services in the community. SANITSA furthermore aims to act as a professional advisory body regarding NIT support in South Africa and influence practice, policies and guidelines.

Objectives of SANITSA

SANITSA aims to:

- Promote perinatal, clinical, developmental, psychosocial and community support for all NIT in all settings in South Africa

- Act as a professional advisory body regarding NIT support (perinatal, clinical, developmental, psychosocial and community support) and training of health care professionals (all relevant levels)

- Advocate, promote, propose and champion interdisciplinary teams that are properly equipped to provide optimal and holistic support for neonates, infants and toddlers, as well as their families and/or caregivers

- Promote professional and leadership development

- Recommend standards and norms for neonate, infant and toddler support in South Africa

- Facilitate the acquisition of research and evidence-based data through networking

- Administer a resource database

- Support scientific, ethical and sound research

- Support relevant publications in relation to objectives

- Protect the intellectual property of members

- Disseminate research-based information through programmes, symposiums, workshops and other relevant methods

- Liase with national and international NIT organisations and individuals involved in NIT support

- Manage SANITSA as a professional, legal and non-profit organisation




Welma Lubbe


Marketing & Funding


Carin Maree

Carin Maree





Johann Lubbe 


IT & Administration


Karen van Zyl

Social Work


Tharina Guse



Mariana Scheepers 



Elisna van Wyk



Alta Kritzinger

Speech & Language Therapy


Susan Strauss





Liz Johannsmeier

Occupational Therapy


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